About us

Energy Kar Farazin has been founded in year 2008 to support power Generation, water treatment and utility sector in Oil & Gas Industries.

Having the support of our local and international partners we did manage to complete projects in power generation industry as well as supply spare parts and equipment for power generation and Oil & Gas industries in frame work of aftermarket services.We are also involved with supply Gas Engine for Distributed Power Generation (DG) and Combined Heat & Power Plants (CHP), water desalination and treatment plants including Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Multi Effect Desalination (MED) as Turn Key projects.

The range of our services and supply are as follows:

  • Supply equipment, erection and commissioning of Gas turbo generator, Distributed Generation (DG) and water treatment plants.
  • Supply hot parts for Gas Turbine including rotating and stationary blades, Combustion Liner, Transition piece, Shroud Segment etc.
  • Supply spare parts for GT plants including various kinds of pumps, Flow Divider, Control Devices, Electronic Cards etc.
  • Repair GT Hot Parts and supply spares.
  • Rotor O/H and supply spares.
  • Repair and Calibration of various Fuel Nozzle and supply spares including DLN Fuel Nozzles.
  • Repair and calibration of various pumps and Flow Dividers and supply spares.
  • Supply retrofit control system for Gas turbine.
  • Supply, Renovation and Upgrading of F5 & F6 GT and spares.
  • GT O/H and delegation technical Advisors to the site of projects.
  • Supply GT Auxiliary systems such as upgraded pulse clean Air Intake system, Liquid & Gas Fuel skids.
  • Supply various pumps for various Power Generation Plants, Water and Waste water treatment plants, Oil & Gas industries, repair and retrofit re-engineered pumping equipment for existing industrial plants.